30 months in IT industry 30 lessons learnt

30 months in IT industry 30 lessons learnt

It’s been quite a time when I started working and since then learning something new everyday has became a fact of my life and that’s excites me very much. My passion & love towards learning and exploring new things in IT industry left not an iota of doubt in my mind to choose the largest industry in the world, IT Industry, as my career. Here are some lessons I learnt from my journey of ups and downs, happiness, parties, frustration, tension, pressure and of course FUN.

  1. Knowledge is POWER.
  2. Gain knowledge as much as you can in each and every field.
  3. Never give-up.
  4. Learn to “adjust”.
  5. Keep learning new things.
  6. Keep trying new things.
  7. Learn to perform under pressure.
  8. Grow individually, because if you grow your organization also grow with you.
  9. Do smart work.
  10. Learn to GOOGLE.
  11. Asking for HELP from others must be your last option.
  12. Celebrate your success.
  13. Everyday is a new day, things will change.
  14. Current time will pass away whether it’s good or bad for you.
  15. Grow your network.
  16. Help Help HELP others as much as you can.
  17. Learn to put your ideas & thoughts in front of others.
  18. Learn to manage time.
  19. Learn to help yourself.
  20. Productivity is the only thing that matters.
  21. Versatile knowledge matters.
  22. Expand your knowledge horizontally then vertically.
  23. Learn to convince others.
  24. Learn to appreciate others.
  25. Be a multi-tasker.
  26. Be a good person first.
  27. Keep smiling.
  28. Motivate others.
  29. Make your life goals bigger & clear.
  30. Respect juniors and seniors.

This is just a sneak peek of my career, hope my experience will come handy in your career boost up.

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    There is definately a lot to know about this issue.
    I love all the points you have made.

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