Best PHP RESTful Micro Frameworks


What are Micro Frameworks?

Before discussing which are the “Best PHP RESTful Micro Frameworks” let begin with the concept of micro-framework. Micro Frameworks is a term used to represent a small set of code and modules that are designed to do only basic tasks and functionality and at the same time they are highly extensible.These frameworks comes with less components than full stack framework but they have several libraries and patterns which are required to make a project of good quality and scalable.
Don’t think that “micro” represent for small projects, it only means “Framework bundled with less components”.

Best PHP RESTful Micro Frameworks

1. Silex

  • One of the fastest micro-framework
  • Built on top of Symphony components
  • Great documentation and community support
  • Good for large projects
  • Follows Symfony2 HTTP conditions
  • Automated functional tests

2. Slim

  • Super fast and extremely light-weight
  • Good documentation
  • Great community
  • Lots of tutorials on YouTube and on other websites
  • Lazy loading with 3rd party implementation
  • Bundled with middleware, caching, encryption of cookies

3. Lumen

  • Zero configuration
  • Excellent documentation
  • Ultra-fast micro framework
  • Good 3rd party support
  • Easily upgradable to laravel
  • Bundled with encryption, middleware, unit testing, caching,queuing and sql-nosql support

4. Phalcon

  • Blazing fast
  • Provides very high performance
  • Written in C-language
  • Compiled for better performance
  • Can handle more requests per second

5.Bullet PHP

  • Little learning
  • Unlimited flexibility
  • Flexible routing
  • Nested closure routing system

That’s all for today folks, try one of the above frameworks and do share your experience with me.

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